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About Us
I-TPC: Our Corporate Value

Our guiding values are uprightness (integrity), team-shared vision, professionalism, and competency.


Additionally, we value our stakeholders and we are committed to:

1. Provide our employees with opportunities for continuous education for professional and personal growth.

We build a culture that promotes innovation, creativity, and informed risk-taking and reward accomplishments.

  • Encourage employees to come up with their own development plans.

  • Support employees’ desire to attend scheduled training and development programs aligned with their plans.

  • Incorporate skill enhancement topics in the learning moment sessions.

  • Involve concerned employees in problem solving analysis.

  • Encourage employees to provide mutual support to each other, as they would treat customers.

  • Refine and implement a meaningful reward system.


2. Listen and respond to our customer's needs and be innovative in all our approaches.

  • A customer account coordinator will be responsible to ensure satisfaction of specific customers in the areas of technical issues, customer requests and cost-reduction initiatives.

  • Respond to customer complaints through 8D methodology within an average of 5 days.

  • Treat all customers fairly regardless of business volume.

  • Regular visits to customers by top management.

  • Provide on-line services to customers for the following: WIP, yield and quality data, DCC, etc.


3. Work with our suppliers in developing and improving products and services.

  • Do business with Suppliers under mutually beneficial arrangement.

  • Actively involve Suppliers in our continuous improvement programs and help them towards its achievement.

  • Work with Suppliers as a business partner and constantly give feedback of their performance.

  • Recognize Suppliers performance by giving rewards and incentives.


4.Optimize use of our resources and foster a culture that turns potentially adverse conditions to opportunities for growth, resulting to fair return on our stockholders' investment.

  • Show continuous improvement of profit from operations.

  • Be transparent in supporting financial performance.

  • All employees strive to eliminate wasteful practices.


5. Participate in the community's environmental and social initiatives.

  • Comply with existing local and international standards and regulations concerning environment.

  • Encourage employees to contribute time, talent and treasure to social initiative as a service to the community.

  • Pursue change and challenge the status quo in all our endeavors.