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Product Description
                                                                            Anode - Cathode
Common Cathode
Common Anode
Thyristor Rectifier Module
Thyristor Diode Configuration Module
Thyristor Configuration Module
Diode Rectifier Module
Three Phase Bridge Rectifier Module
Three Phase Common Anode Thyristor Module
Single Phase / Multi Phase Inverter Configuration Module
Half Bridge Module
Full Bridge Module
Current/Voltage Rating

Up to 600 Amperes

Up to 1700 Volts

Main Features

Compact module design

Solderless connections except for VPMP5

High power density

Corner mounting holes for VPMP2, VPMP3, and VPMP6 and 2 holes for VPMP1 power module for better heatsinking 

Configuration flexibility

  Industrial and automotive


Versatile Power Module Package Specifications

 VPMP1 Power Module.pdf

 VPMP2 Power Module.pdf

 VPMP3 Power Module.pdf

 VPMP5 Power Module.pdf

 VPMP6 Power Module.pdf


 No common specifications.