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Packaging Capabilities


Team Patent Product : eXp TO-247

Team Pacific Corporation launches new product named eXp TO 247 or the Expanded TO 247 that comes with the 2L, 3L, twin 3L version (with and without hole).Designed for flexible terminal lead assignment (Gate / Emitter / Collector) application either in Isolated and Non-Isolated power device requirements. Isolation capability is up to 3.5KV. Available in clip mount and screw mount configuration.


Plastic Power Products

  • TO 247 (2L, 3L & 5L)
Standard (with hole)
  • TO 247 (2L, 3L & 5L)
Extended (without hole)
  • TO 264 (2L and 3L)
Standard (with hole) 
  • TO 264 (2L and 3L)
Extended (without hole)
  • SOT 227

Parallel, Anti-parallel, Pad B, Pad C, Buck and Boost, DBC AL203


  • EXT SOT 227
DBC , Parallel and Anti- Parallel


Power Module Packages (Standard / Customized):

  • Thyristor Rectifier Power Module
  • Thyristor Diode Configuration Power Module
  • Thyristor - Thyristor Configuration Power Module
  • Diode Rectifier Power Module
  • Three Phase Bridge Rectifier Power Module
  • Three Phase Common Anode Thyristor Power Module
  • Single Phase / Multi Phase Inverter Configuration Power Module
  • Single Phase Rectifier Diode Power Module
  • Half Bridge Power Module
  • Full Bridge Power Module


Hermetics Metal Can Assembly

  • TO-3
  • TO-66
  • TO-5
  • TO-39
  • TO-46

  • TO-18
  • TO-72