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TEAM PACIFIC CORPORATION's 4-leads TO-247 (TO-247 4L Power Package)

Team Pacific Corporation (TPC) would like to announce that it will be offering TO-247 4L (4 leads power package) in the coming months.

Team Pacific Corporation's TO-247 4L High Voltage Package without holeTeam Pacific Corporation's TO-247 4L High Voltage Package with hole

This new variant of TO-247 features a separate lead that can act as a Kelvin source for power packages. This TO-247 4L will be offered in both standard (with hole) and extended (without hole) versions. Additionally, this power package will also be offered in basic and in high voltage (high creepage) version.

TPC is currently designing this package and is finalizing the overall structure of its package outline dimension. Should you have questions regarding this new package, please feel free to send us an email at

Kindly stay tuned for more details in the coming months!



Team Pacific Corporation (TPC) is a semiconductor assembly and test services companies located in the Philippines. Majority of the products being assembled by TPC are power discrete packages (e.g., SOT-227, TO-247, TO-264 packages, etc.), power modules, and hermetically sealed metal cans.