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Celebrating 32 Years of Quality Service
    32 years ago, Team Pacific Corporation was established in order to provide manufacturing services for various customers. Team Pacific Corporation started with the Metal Cans packages and has grown in... ....Read More
TPC @ 31! Commemorating 31 years of doing business.
Since its foundation, Team Pacific Corporation’s commitment to build a lasting partnership has been its paramount goal. The company believes that going the extra mile to serve its business partners is always bound ... ....Read More
Silicon Carbide and Gallium Nitride Package Assembly at Team Pacific Corporation
  Silicon Carbide (SiC) & Gallium Nitride (GaN) are new chip technologies that are currently gaining attraction in the industry. These technologies are significantly better than Silicon when it comes to perform... ....Read More
Team Pacific Corporation is now capable of Mesa Wafer Sawing
   TPC commonly processes planar-type of dice (see Figure 1). Mesa-type of dice shown in Figure 2 have a different structure (mesa or table-top appearance) compared to planar-type. This ‘mesa-groove&rs... ....Read More