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33rd Business Anniversary Celebration of TEAM

 TEAM Pacific Corporation believes that employees are one of the biggest assets of the company. That’s why on this special occasion of ours, TEAM would like to express its deepest gratitude to everyone who stayed with us despite of the bumpy roads we all went through.


We are in a pandemic right now, but this milestone should be celebrated in the best way possible. Food stubs were given to everyone. Thanksgiving mass and recognition of employees who have shared their skills and talents with us for the past years was done with limited participants in the venue. It was also shown through digital displays. As part of the new normal, instead of having intermission number, employees joined the Online TikTok Challenge. All of these were done with proper safety protocols such as; Social Distancing, Wearing of Face mask and Face Shield.



Business Anniversary of TPC, a semiconductor company in the Philippines



With every one’s commitment and dedication, this milestone was achieved, so thank you everyone. Thank you for your service and let’s become successful together in the succeeding years.


Happy 33rd Anniversary, Team Pacific Corporation!