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Celebrating 32 Years of Quality Service

Team Pacific Corporation 32nd Anniversary



32 years ago, Team Pacific Corporation was established in order to provide manufacturing services for various customers. Team Pacific Corporation started with the Metal Cans packages and has grown into one of the leading service provider for semiconductor assembly and test of power discrete and power module packages. Continuous developments of new technologies (e.g., SiC Sawing and Silver Sintering) have also been an integral part of TPC’s improvement programs. Currently, TPC is pursuing the IATF-16949 Automotive Certification as it looks forward to expanding its expertise in the Automotive Market.


All of these achievements are possible with the help of its skilled employees who have worked hard to achieve all of these accomplishments. Without their commitment and dedication to work, going this far is nearly impossible. TPC is grateful to them for being part of the company’s success.


This is also a great opportunity to give thanks to the valued customers for their continued patronage in the business. Their satisfaction is the company’s top priority and the reason why TPC have always striven to provide quality products and services. With this, continuous broadening of the capabilities and services is what TPC promises.


As the company moves forward to a new year, TPC is seeking new opportunities to meet the growing needs of the industry. It has been a great 32 years of journey for the company and it is expected to become stronger and to have more fruitful years to come!