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Team Pacific Corporation is now capable of Mesa Wafer Sawing


TPC commonly processes planar-type of dice (see Figure 1). Mesa-type of dice shown in Figure 2 have a different structure (mesa or table-top appearance) compared to planar-type. This ‘mesa-groove’ is usually coated with brittle glass passivation coating which makes the die singulation process critical and prone to defects such as crack/chip.


Planar vs Mesa Wafer Sawing in Team Pacific Corporation


TEAM Pacific Corporation’s research and development group evaluated the process of sawing a mesa die type. Several parameters were adjusted to pass the validation. Measure of quality was focused on visual inspection of both the top side and backside of the die to check for evidence of top side chip/crack (TSC) and/or backside chip/crack (BSC). 


Mesa Wafer Sawing Process in Team Pacific Corporation


During the validation run, the blade height was lowered to check whether the quality will improve. The yield significantly increase so as the quality of the cut (smoother cut line was achieved). Also, the chip size lessened compared to the previous runs. No reject was trapped when the sawn wafer was subjected to inspection using low powered scope. Images below show the cut quality. 


Backside of Mesa Dice from Mesa Wafer after sawing at Team Pacific Corporation 

Based from the validations conducted, mesa-type wafer can be processed using the evaluated parameters and dicing blade at certain conditions. The target yield was also achieved using the said parameters.


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