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History Growth Drivers 

1987 Started Hermetics Metal Can and CDIPs; Optoelectronics
1989 Introduction of Power Devices and Standard PDIPs


Power Devices: SOT 227 and TO 247


Power Devices: TO 264 and IcePAK


Power Devices: TO 268 and Hybrid Metal Cans

1998 Application Specific Power Module (ASPM)
1999 Assembly and Test: Hermetic Packages
2000 Test Power Devices
2001 Power Devices: Co-development for ISOPLUS Packages
2003 Power Modules: SMART SOT-227
2005 MSC Outsourcing Power Modules and DO's Packages
2008 Onwards - Continuous Co-development for Packaging Solutions with Customers
2011 Launched new package capabilities eXp TO247 (Patented)
2012 Launched new packages Power Modules (VPMP1, VPMP2, VPMP3, VPMP4, VPMP4i,) Team owned Packages

2013 Launched New Power Module packages (VPMP5 and VPMP6) Team Owned Packages
2013 Launched TO-247 True 2L
2018 Qualified New Processes under R&D Group (Ag Sintering, Mesa Wafer Sawing, SiC Wafer Sawing)