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TEAM Pacific Corporation is committed to continuous improvement in delivering quality products and services that satisfies the needs, expectations and requirements of the customers and other relevant interested parties.

Continuous Improvement Program


Team Pacific Corporation management acknowledges that continuous improvement is a vehicle towards the journey to operational excellence. We organized ourselves into Cross- Functional Teams working together for improvements on the various aspects in the company’s operation.

The President & Chief Executive Officer heads the Management Team and is supported by the different functional department heads acting as the continuous improvement steering committee. Programs continuously implemented and monitored are:


Good Housekeeping Practices

Good Housekeeping Practices

Respective areas of each department are audited once a month and are measured based on the established criteria. Points earned is considered as part of departmental functional goals.


Employee Suggestion System

Each employee or group of employees voluntarily suggests cost saving and/or process improvement ideas and earns rewards based on the established criteria. Employees who have contributed substantially in the employee suggestion program through the number of suggestions submitted or implemented and/ or savings generated are recognized and rewarded accordingly.