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Behavioral Trainer


  • Must be a graduate of BS Psychology or any related course
  • Knowledgeable in the training administration, processes and procedures
  • With at least 2 years working experience in behavioral training.
  • Must have the following skills, abilities and attributes: good oral and written communication, resourceful, strong facilitation skills, budgeting skills and time management skills.



  • Conducts behavioral training
  • Identifies training needs and training gaps in the organization in close cooperation with Managers
  • Provides inputs in the development of specific behavioral training plans
  • Prepares training manuals and training offers for employees and managers
  • Plans training courses and sessions and manages and monitors the assigned training budget
  • Cooperates with the external training institutes and delivers tailored training programs and courses
  • Oversees the quality of delivered training sessions by external trainers
  • Monitors the best practice in the training area and introduces it in the organization
  • Evaluates the quality of training courses and implements improvements
  • Designs program for high potentials and future leaders
  • Performs other related duties that may be assigned by immediate superior

Interested applicants may send their resumé at