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HR Specialist


  • College Graduate preferably Psychology graduate or other behavioral sciences
  • With at least 3 years relevant experience in recruitment / HR functions
  • With good oral & written communication & leadership skills
  • Computer literate


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the timely filling-up of vacancies through adequate installation of recruitment strategies
  • Handle other support activities such as training, counseling, job evaluation and coordination of selected HRD activities.
  • Coordinate closely with other departments on their manpower needs (both current & future requirements)
  • Ensure that the following recruitment activities are properly undertaken:
    • Source candidates for job vacancies (internal/external) and undertake networking, headhunting for critical vacancies.
    • Establish linkages to different Schools.
    • Conduct interview to direct labor applicants, initial interview to rank & file, supervisory, managerial and technical positions.
    • Administer written examinations, check, score and interpret such examinations.
    • Check & review pre-employment requirements, employment papers before routing to signatories.
    • Conduct background checking to new hires if necessary
    • Post job vacancies on the Bulletin Boards and coordinate JobsDB for outsourcing /posting of vacancies.
    • Refer applicants to hiring department for final interview.
    • Create a ready manpower pool of qualified candidates for critical positions.
    • Refer successful applicants to Clinic for medical examination.
    • Document EPAs, Agreements and prepare Ids and initial 201 files for new hires.
  • Perform other related duties that may be assigned by immediate superior from time to time.


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